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    Nightcrawler or Iceman
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    also Nightcrawler, but I know there's no way that either of them would be allowed to be the leader.

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    I'd like to see Jean Grey as an Avenger
    I enjoy anything Marvel cosmic, especially Thanos or Dark Phoenix related, loved the original Uncanny Avengers series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixThanos View Post
    I'd like to see Jean Grey as an Avenger
    Honestly, that's not a bad idea.

    She's an incredibly powerful mutant, often the centerpiece of huge Marvel-wide stories, she's kind of a symbolic figurehead of the X-Men, so her being on the Avengers makes sense and would serve as an ambassador/representative for the X-Men better than most anyone else could. She could easily join on the basis of "mutants need someone to look up to, they need to see one of their own on Earth's Mightiest Heroes".

    I kinda hope someone thinks of that down the line.

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    Jean would be a natural fit among the Avengers, during the Red serie they happened to work really well together, seeing more of that would be pretty nice.

    Personally, I'd pick either her or Warren.
    I also like the idea of Nightcrawler being part of the Avengers, he would be an excellent fit, much more than the likes of Rogue, Sabertooth or Wolverine have ever been.
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    Jean, Emma or Betsy

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    Quote Originally Posted by People Of The Earth View Post
    he would be an excellent fit, much more than the likes of Rogue, Sabertooth or Wolverine have ever been.
    Jean would be a great choice. I honestly think she's the best option if you want an X-Men on the Avengers. Nightcrawler would be too. And I wouldn't argue with Colossus either.

    But what was wrong with Rogue on the Avengers? I didn't read Uncanny Avengers (or whatever book it was that had her in the Avengers roster) so it's a dynamic I've never seen. But I always thought she'd be a good fit.
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    Jubilee. And yes, I know I say "Jubilee" when asked for an X-Man for anything. But I thought it would be interesting or at least funny to have her on a different team than the X-Men to have a contrast between how she works and acts with one and the other. I mean, the X-Men are her family, so like what if she approached the Avengers as if it were more of a job.

    [Location: Avengers HQ. Jubilee's being shown around by Captain America and Iron Man]

    Cap: "It's been a while since we did that mission with the vampire Nazis together. What brings you to our neck of the woods?"

    Jubilee: "Well, I saw online that a couple members of the Avengers left after the last mission and that you were looking for some new members. So, I thought I'd come down and apply for the job."

    Iron Man: "Well, we don't really have an application process, per se."

    Jubilee: "I brought a resume and references" [hands Tony a couple off pieces of paper]

    Iron Man: "Look, Jubilee [glances at paper] Wait, you know Patsy Walker?"

    Jubilee: "I was her personal assistant for a little while."

    Cap: "Jubilee, what's this really about?"

    Jubilee: "Look, it's just like I said. I need a job. The X-Men are my family, but things have been kind of crazy with them lately. And they have about a bajillion members already. So, I set out on my own for a while. But not a lot of places are hiring people whose main skills are fighting mutant terrorists and blowing up purple genocide robots. So, I could really use a paying gig."

    Iron Man: "Okay, so we'll take these [holds up papers] and we'll think about it. Anything else?"

    Jubilee: "If I do make the team, I don't suppose there's in-house daycare is there?"

    Cap: "No, but maybe we could get Luke and Jessica to recommend someplace."

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    Persuasion. What a waste of a good character.

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    Rachel Summers. Even Captain America thought that she would become "one of the greats".
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    Unfortunately adherents of the HoxPoxDox will never stand for any X-Man or mutant to join the Avengers ever again.
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