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    Default CBR Spider-Man Forum FAQ

    We had one of these on the old boards. As a result, many of the questions and answers are copied and pasted from there.

    If you have any thoughts on the FAQ, feel free to post it in the Community Q and A.

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    Default What the hell happened to my posts?

    There have been a few significant changes to the CBR forums. We're starting over and everyone has to reregister.

    Publisher Jonah Weiland posted his explanation for the changes.

    Take the new rules seriously.

    Every now and then you guys may notice that some of your comments are no longer in the thread in which you made them. To make navigation a bit easier, I figured I'd have one thread where all major moves would be discussed.

    Sometimes I will decide a topic that comes up in a thread (and often threatens to derail it) merits its own thread. Or I may decide that some off-topic posts belong in another thread. Or for whatever reason, I may have to delete an entire thread, and many posts on a subject.

    Check out this thread, updated whenever I or ShaggyB make any significant changes.

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    Default What do the various acronyms mean?

    616: Earth-616 or Earth 616 is the name used to identify the primary continuity in which most Marvel Comics titles take place. It was a joke by Dave Thorpe in his Captain Britain run, because he thought it was unusual that superhero worlds were always designated with smaller numbers, such as DC's "Earth-1" and "Earth-2." Although it may also be a reference to the number of the Beast (theological scholars debate whether or not it's 616 or 666.)

    AMZ or ASM generally refers to the title Amazing Spider-Man. FNSM refers to Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. SSM usually refers to Sensational Spider-Man. MKSM refers to Marvel Knights Spider-Man. USM refers to Ultimate Spider-Man. MASM refers to Marvel Age Spider-Man or Marvel Adventures Spider-Man. MTU refers to Marvel Team Up.

    OMD refers to the storyline One More Day. BND refers to Brand New Day, a period of the Spider-Man comics that lasted from Amazing Spider-Man #546-647. KLH refers to the classic storyline: Kraven's Last Hunt, while KFH can refer to a three issue story which ran in Amazing Spider-Man #565-567. NWTD refers to New Ways to Die, a six issue storyline which ran in Amazing Spider-Man #568-573.

    PAD refers to writer Peter Allan David. JMD refers to writer J.M. Dematteis. JMS refers to writer J. Michael Straczynski.

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    Default Did Spider-Girl represent a possible future for the Spider-Man comics?

    Tom Defalco's ultimately finite Spider-Girl run (and every other title set in the MC2 universe) was a spinoff of a very successful issue of What If?

    While set later than titles set in the mainstream Marvel Universe, it features a world in which things diverged from comics produced in the late 1990s, allowing Tom Defalco to build on developments from his runs on Fantastic Four, Thunderstrike, Amazing Spider-Man and Green Goblin.

    As such, it was never set in the same continuity as contemporary Spider-Man titles.

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