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    Default Jimmy's family history

    I have really been enjoying Fraction & Leiber's Jimmy Olsen, but I am curious about the idea of Jimmy coming from wealth. During Morrison's run, he established that Jimmy was raised poor but learned he was the long-lost son of a wealthy celebrity mother who attempted to make up for her absence by giving him a life of luxury.

    Now, Fraction has established that the Olsson family has been one of the founding families of Metropolis that has been rivals with the Alexander family (Lex's descendents) for presumably decades. Plus, there's the idea that Jimmy has an older brother.

    Are all these new ideas? Or are Morrison and Fraction simply bringing back older concepts from the Silver Age?

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    No clue but I like the development. It’s another bit of common ground between Clark and Jimmy. They both had secret heritages they didn’t know about until they were older, and honestly Jimmy Olsen being rich is just kind of hilarious to me.

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    Jimmy being rich is hilarious. He's truly a character who would be completely oblivious and not let it change him whatsoever.

    All this stuff is new, but I can't say that there wasn't a Julian or some other bonds of the sort in the silver age. For the most part he has been depicted as just Jimmy. For a while his mom was in and out of the comics and his dad was a super spy like Nick Fury. We met a clone of his dad when Simyan and Mokkari were brought in post crisis.
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