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    Default Will Episode 9 finally show us the B-wings in action?

    While they have of course been seen doing their thing in cartoons and video games, the B-wings pretty much vanish from the battle of Endor after their initial deployment. This was due in part to special effects limitations at the time, that the B-wings-due to their thin look-didn't work out in test shots or something (There's also some pilot scenes that were filmed but were deleted, including one with a Sullustian pilot) and so were hard to composite. Pretty much the oldest thing of them in action is a publicity photo showing them destroying a Star Destroyer (Which I think is supposed to be Vader's Rogue One and ANH Destroyer, the Devestator). The ship is supposed to be pretty much the ultimate Rebel fighter, but it doesn't do anything.

    However, in Episode 9's latest trailer we see the B-wings among the other starfighters (including the also-returning Y-wings), one new Millenium Falcon-esque ship, and a Blockade Runner.

    Technically, we've "sort of" seen B-wings in the sequel trilogy already; both Leia's resistance transport in TFA and the smaller pod Rose & Finn use in TLJ are both built using B-wing parts, mainly in the cockpit area.
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    The B-wings are my favorite Rebel ships from the SW films. I agree, it's too bad they're not featured much in ROTJ - but I understand why, given the special effects limitations of the time.

    As a kid, I got the Vintage B-wing toy (released in 1984-ish). It's excellent, and I really like the unusual design of the ship - especially how the cockpit is always right-side up, no matter how the ship itself is positioned. Very clever & unique design. I later got the POTF2/POTJ B-wing (released 2000-ish) which is an excellent update, and a great improvement on the original sculpt.

    As a big fan of these ships, it was cool to see the B-wing "inspired" ships in TLJ; they obviously used the B-wing "design", but were much more limited in what they could do - and were only designed to be used on land (i.e., a "sand skimmer"), not in space.

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    A B-Wing appreciation thread.

    They are my favorite, too. I always chose them in the X-Wing game when I could.
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