So I was writing about how Hickman is not the type to just write-off new characters that he creates, in response to Timeline 8 mutates.

That caused me to realize a rather chilling and exciting thought. I literally got Goosebumps when I thought of it lmao.

Think about Sinister's Genetics Library. He built that over his long life. His work is a good Deus Ex Machina for numerous characters to come back and such.

Now consider if Sinister KNEW the Identity of the Most Powerful Mutants before they were ever born.......THAT IS WHO MOIRA IS!!!!

She could have collected samples of their DNA when they were Born...Sinister would kill for that knowledge alone.

Moira most likely has more knowledge about genetics and cloning than Sinister with her work in Timeline 8, plus she could have gotten those baby/toddler mutant genetic samples and recreated "her allies" in secret. She could have even used The World to do ALL of this in relative secret (that part is a stretch as it is a potential way to age the mutates at an accelerated speed and is pretty much the only corner of recent successful and good X-Men runs that Hickman has not hit up yet.).

They could have been working in secret for Decades without anyone ever knowing. This opens up a Pandora's Box that Xavier will definitely have known about AND EXPLAINS THE PODS IN ISSUE #1.

This would explain A LOT about the new discrepancies Hickman will be creating in the past (hopefully Tomorrow in House of X #3), given the powers and power levels we are talking about.