I know Ted's father came back and took over at the end of Tedís first post-Crisis title in 1988 (even though Ted had made it extremely successful after his father had done poorly and ignored business after wifeís death). I know Ted was back in charge in L.A.W. (Living Assault Weapons) in 1999. But thatís a pretty big gap. When did Ted end up running the company a second time? Was it off-screen or in a certain issue?

I know his dad was bad at the business (at least for a while) and that in L.A.W. Ted had just made a very good deal for the recently floundering company, so I wondered if he was newly back at the helm after dad nearly lost company again ca. 1999. But canít find a reference to see if thatís the case or if it Ted was already in charge when things went down hill.

I also wanted to know if the company is typically called Kord Enterprises, Kord Inc. (that was used in BB 1980s series) or Kord Industries.

IIRC, the company seemed wholly privately owned in the 1980s Blue Beetle series. Is this correct? Were shares ever sold - privately or publicly?