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    Default Your opinion about Jonathan Samuel Kent as adult...

    what are your opinions about Jonathan Samuel Kent as adult?

    I am ABSOLUTELY NO FAN of it.
    I mean he was nice and cool as kid and a refreshing take, BUT!! as adult I find him BORING.

    I mean Conner was an interesting take with him being a CLONE, part of Superman and part of Lex Luthor.
    It gave him an interesting background and we have seen a lot of different version of him.
    Its fascinating because he is the unlikely son of the biggest hero of DC and his big Arch-Nemesis.

    I also LOVE his Style, Leather Jacket etc. which gives him a nice refreshing look in the Super-Family.
    Jonathan Samuel Kent on the other hand looks to much like his dad, also wears a cape etc.

    I dont understand it...For me he is the SON OF SUPERMAN and this is his personality.
    Sorry but his costume,his attitude etc. says only I AM THE SON OF SUPERMAN and not more to me.

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    I like the idea, now just need him to decide he's too old to be living with his parents and have him move out on his own.

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    terrible idea, with terrible execution. Even if I didn't like kid Jon, that doesn't change that literally nothing about the idea works. I don't believe Clark would trust Jor-El with his family. I don't believe Lois would abandon the boy in space with a super villain. I don't believe that a child would come out of a 7 year ordeal of being tortured alone in a volcano by a madman, completely unphased. And I don't mean becoming evil like Bendis loves to brag about in every interview. The whole thing is a mess and taints all 3 Kents for me. Hell it's not even original, the whole thing is derivative of that Chris Kent thing. Look at what they did with Ant-man's family in Avengers Endgame for how to do this kind of story right. I don't think aging Jon up was a good idea to begin with. But if they found a way to do it that made sense, then it could have been really interesting.

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    Not only do I hate the age up, but the whole set up to it was incredibly awful. From the reasoning, to characterization, and even the consequences (seriously, years of being emotionally and psychologically tortured as a kid, and nothing? Come on) are all really bad.

    There was nothing wrong where the family was at before hand, with many other ways of bringing on the Legion without tearing up what was already established for Jon.

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    Hate it. I wish they'd save 10 year old Jon,and have teen Jon exist as a time remnant,that could just stay with the Legion in the 32nd century.

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    I haven't decided how I feel about it yet.

    I disagree with the idea of Clark being a great, incredible father. The character's history just does not support that and we never got to see Clark adjust and change, we never got to see the development that would take a guy from "dumping his long-lost cousin with virtual strangers" to "Norman Rockwell Americana father of the year." It was an awful non-transition that I'm still not completely over.

    So since I disagree with the notion of Clark as a good father in the first place I'm not terribly invested in Jon. I liked him well enough as a ten year old and I think he did have something viable to offer, not just as Clark's son but to the wider DCU and maybe, just maybe, he'd have what it takes to be a property that can stand on its own like Kara and Conner and Steel have.

    Conceptually I have no problem with the age-up. I do think it was done too early; I think there were more stories left in ten-year-old Jon than we never got. So there's a loss of potential there, and sixteen-seventeen year old heroes are a dime a dozen in the DCU so Jon stands out a little less.

    However, the idea of "Space Prince Jon" and using him to expound on Clark's influence in the universe and all those crazy sci-fi Silver Age type elements? I was, and am, very much down with this idea. I also think using Jon to build on the idea of a Super dynasty is pretty great. And I love the idea of Jon in the Legion, even though I hate the idea of him getting that at the expense of Clark's own origin.

    So I guess I'm fine with it. I won't make a final decision until the story is finished and we know what Jon's final status quo is. But so far I am intrigued by the potential and I think it could, if done properly, balance out the loss of ten-year-old Jon.
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    I'm firmly in wait and see mode with it all. I liked young Jon quite a bit, he helped get my son into reading comics regularly, and Rebirth in general brought me back to reading the Superbooks regularly again. I think Bendis had solid ideas in everything from Jon needing a break from Earth, Jor El's redemption tour, Lois being out of her element and a little overwhelmed by the scope of things in space, Clark's hesitancy to take a more active role in guiding Earth's affairs, and Jon's years in the wilderness so to speak, but to a one all these ideas have been rushed to the point where the story suffered quite a bit. I don't think anything more than Jon's age up.

    I was hoping for a vague accounting of his activities while he was out of time, but instead we spend most of it stuck in one place. Cutting off would could have been years and years of stories to backfill in. Bendis didn't shoot himself in the foot with that, so much as cut his foot off and throw it away. I still think we're going to see some more exploration of that time in space with some subtle retcons to stretch and shrink things out a bit. It wouldn't be that big of stretch to have Jon go off planet before realizing he needed to get to the CS's Hall of Injustice to try to get back. And I think there's tons of story potential for Jon being Superboy on Earth 3. But seriously, there could have been years of Jon Kent: Lost in Space and Time stories. That's a Wonder Comics book if I ever heard of one.

    All that said, I am excited for the Legion relaunch and think having Jon be the POV character to get everyone up to speed on it is a great idea. I'm hoping that the book skews a little younger than the main DCU books even if they aren't in the Wonder Comics line. I think Legion as a concept is something that I could get my son into as much as he liked Jon. I don't think Jon as a character is that much different, which I know some people dislike, but honestly I'd be way more negative towards the whole thing if we got some depressing PTSD riddled kid back and spent months on that. He's Superman and Lois Lane's kid. They raised him and prepared him for these situations (you think Clark didn't have a "talk" with Jon about what to do when you're stranded in another dimension? They already had that happen like twice to the kid). I'm not mad Bendis didn't go in a predictable direction with that stuff.

    So I think time will tell, if Legion is solid it probably will be worth losing out on 10 year old Jon. I am enjoying Action, Superman, and Lois Lane a lot and I can see how DC may have wanted to get back to a more classic status quo for Superman and his world. If Legion is as solid as it seems to be, Bendis seems as invested in this as he was in Superman when he came over, I think it may just work out ok.
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