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    Default How do you read events and tie-ins?

    I recently made my way through Civil War and Secret Invasion. In the past I've read the event first and then read the tie-ins. This time around I read them together, going back and forth, according to reading orders I've found online.

    It was a chore, physically, because I read in trades and switching back and forth between multiple books was not fun. And I also realized the event seemed to drag on.

    I was curious to know how you folks like to read events and their tie-ins?

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    I read the main event and the tie ins that interest me. Like if I have a series already I'd just read it's accompanying tie in. If there is an event and I don't care for it I'd just read the tie in for a series im interested in.

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    Well, before reading an event, I wait until it's finished to be able to read it all at once.
    Also I read the critics to see if it's really worth it and if the tie-ins are needed.

    I hate going back and forth between trade so I never do so.
    If all is need, I look around if there is not an omnibus collecting the event in the best reading order possible.

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    I'm against the use of tie-ins. It often cuts valuable arcs or ends up bringing nothing to the main story. There have been some exceptions thought but when I think of Civil War X-men...
    I focus on the main event and sometimes one-shots like Metal or Blackest night.

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    I base my reading order on writers - a tie-in by the event writer gets read interweaved with the main story. Same thing if I get the impression from interviews and other comments if the writer in question is in close contact with the event writer (e.g. Tomasi w/Geoff Johns on GL events). I always skip something like War of Realms Spider-man, where the writer in question is not a main SM writer (Spencer or Taylor) nor the main event writer (Aaron).
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    I never cared on picking up a tie-in crossover issue just to continue the story, most of the times the main books would fill in recaps anyway that I never felt like I was missing out by not buying D-level books.

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    Similar to other posters, I don't much care for tie-ins and only read them if I am otherwise reading the tied-in series, or I just happen to have a volume that collects the tie-ins. They often end up in that weird middle ground where they don't move the main event forward much, and yet where the issue gets its weight from prior issues I haven't read.

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