I'm not really certain if this is the right place to post or if I'm posting properly but ...


I'm aware of certain issues ... the inconsistent art style (I actually drew this and redrew certain parts years apart ... and now I'm thinking about revising it again :S) Lack of punctuation ...
and what's up with me and drawing clouds crowds and generic blob people for character extras and stuff

If I have unfixed issues like that is it bad to ask for it to be looked at?


The last time I posted something I received an essay of feedback on my work
much of the feedback I received was pretty good some of it was like '... I don't understand what you're talking about'
and some of the feedback was like ... in order for me to make these changes I would have to redo large chunks of the comic and It already takes me like 100 hours just to do one issue.

I'm wondering if I should go back and fix old work, I'd like to but if I stop and go back and try to fix everything ... I'm never going to finish this. I tried before and lost all of my momentum, my rhythm and I'm still struggling to get it back. I'd like to go back and change things but I don't think the squeeze is worth the juice.

maybe if I just made some changes and moved on. That's not to say I disagree with any feedback I receive it's just 'that'. Is it bad to ask for feedback with 'that'?