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Even if you have United Planets as a fragile work in progress, you are married to that status quo, until someone comes along and dismantles it. And it will get dismantled or forgotten.
That doesn't make any sense, you're not married to any status quo if the thing in question is able to fall apart anytime between now and the 31st century. As far as wide berths go, it doesn't actually get wider.

And to be frank, you can doom and gloom foretell about literally any new idea or character. So then what? Do writers just stop trying to innovate and add because some people feel the way you seem to? No. That's absurd. That sort of thinking makes ideas like Damian and Jon basically impossible. The writers put in the work, tell their stories and hope they leave something interesting enough for others to come on and do something with when they're gone. For every gone and forgotten concept there are just as many if not more ideas that have become staples in the DCU. You can't possibly know with absolute certainty what will become of this.

I mean, hell, the dang thing hasn't even had an issue to itself yet for goodness sake.