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    Default These superheroes are on the sinking Titanic ship and replace Jack and Rose

    So these characters find themselves in the past on the sinking ship and have to save as many as possible. The ship is already at the point where it's hit the Ice berg so no repairs can be made. How many can they save and will they make it past the night with an impossible mission?

    Batman (Nolan) - No utility belt
    Captain America( MCU) Not Worthy and doesn't have his shield
    Green Arrow (CW) No Trick Arrows and only has five
    Daredevil (MCU) standard gear
    Hawkeye (MCU) No trick arrows he only has five
    Black Widow (MCU) no gear
    Black Panther (MCU) no Vibrianium suit but still has the heart shaped herb in his body

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    Cap, Panther & Daredevil likely save the most amount of people simply because their enhanced abilities would allow them to do so much more efficiently than the rest.

    All likely survive the night unless Nolan’s Batman previous injuries give out on him mid-mission or something goes horribly wrong.

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    I really don't see how their hero status is relevant. They may have command presence to aid in the evacuation a bit. They all go down with the ship as they are not willing to displace someone from a life boat. Now, they may make it on to a piece of flotsam. Question, whose fitness enables them to have a better chance of survival. Cold water - Cap has that. Black Panther, enhanced status might help. Ollie is a survival beast and may make it as he has survived tough environments.

    The others - don't know.

    Question - who would push Kate Winslet off the door?

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