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From BC:

"Today I was been told by senior DC Comics sources that if Doomsday Clock had begun publication now, it would most definitely have been a Black Label comic book. And, as a result, out of continuity.

I am told by other sources at DC Comics that it is intended that the events in Doomsday Clock will fold into the rest of the DC Universe in one way or another. But not in the way that was originally intended. Both down to the lateness and the change in Geoff Johns’ relationship with DC Comics.

But if you were looking for something that will tightly tie into where the Superman, Batman and Justice League comics will be, come December, that ship has sailed. Under a flag emblazoned with a black skull."

Full article: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/09...of-continuity/
What’s that last line about a black skull meant to mean? I guess it’s a pirate reference?