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    Default John Constantine vs Yugioh

    Constantine is going to Battle City and he has to win for some reason. He has a Duel Monsters rulebook and 24 hours to scam some cards off whoever he can before the tournament starts. Somehow, whatever he puts together for a deck will have a rare card in it that everyone wants. All he knows about any of the characters is whatever you might see in a newspaper about them. Can his general con artistry and cheatery prevail over everyone else's cheatery? How will he do it? Who gets killed by being too close to him at the wrong time? Can he live down participating in a children's card game tournament?
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    hmmm if we are limiting him to cards of the era................not sure what deck he could use that could remotely get him around in battle city, especially as a total newb.

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    How close to the real life rules are we sticking to here? Because while Battle City was a heckuva lot closer to the actual rules than Duelist Kingdom was, it still took a loooot of liberties. We'd also need to establish what cards are available for all this, I guess based on the format at the time.

    An exodia deck played seems like it would be really good for a cheater of his caliber though. Stacking his deck seems like it would be fairly trivial.

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