All right, the 2019 Off-Season thread is pretty much done, we're two days from Kickoff Thursday, so here's the new thread for a new season where we'll talk about things like...

Will Patrick Mahomes continue to revolutionalize the QB position in the NFL?
Will Tom Brady and Bill Belichek continue to flaunt their deal with Mephistopheles that has them win year in and year out?
Will the Cowboys and Chargers ever get Ezekiel Elliot and Melvin Gordon under contract, respectively?
Will Jerry Jones ever sound sober again?
How many times will the Dolphins be a fish "tank" as they try to get the top spot for Tua?
Will the Giants continue to have WRs legs explode until they just sit Eli Manning for Daniel Jones because they're eliminated early?
Is Kyler Murray going to bring Arizona back from the bottom of the league?
How red will Jon Gruden be in the Raiders' last year in Oakland?

Continue to post your predictions for the next two days, before we get things started...