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    Default Something is Killing the Children by Tynion IV and art by Dell'edra

    Anybody check out the first issue today?

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    Absolutely loved it!! Think it’s a shame that speculators have jumped on it though, means it will be hard to recommend to people until the first trade is out. Really exifed to see where it goes, Boom are doing some amazing things right now!!
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    I just now finished it. Spooky story and compelling art. I'm in for the duration of the series.

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    Story and art really complimented each other, and did a great job setting a mood.

    I’m in.

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    First issue was fantastic. Shows how well horror can work in a comic when it's done right.

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    I enjoy it but I wonder if I am missing the horror element. I just got an impression from the interviews but I think the average episode of Buffy had more horror. Yes there is blood and sound effects but they come off a little too cartoony. Not a complaint, I really love this book, but I flip through the Previews monthly and there are solicits for books that I can only imagine would make me actually have trouble sleeping at night.

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    I read it, it was alright, but there's nothing original in it, I'm surprised at the amount of hypoe its getting when it's basically a Buffy/Hack Slash etc derivative

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    Anyone read issue 2 yet?

    I dug it but thought it was a little light. I dug the reveal at the end. Erica reminded me of a more interesting Wishverse Buffy.

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