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    Quote Originally Posted by Nik Hasta View Post
    Minority World does have limits though. It couldn't overcome/force regeneration of stuff eaten by Neo for example and there were occasions in their fight when Neo/Acacia threw attacks at Midora and he's like "Nope, that's too big," I don't think it's quite the fight winner you're pushing it as.

    I was thinking of his Hungry Whip in his final exchanges with Neo/Acacia. The scale on Toriko's world is a bit hard to figure out but he definitely was more than capable of messing up an earth-sized planet.

    I'm still dubious. Surfer hangs out in suns and black holes with no real damage. That's pretty absurd. Midora is stupidly hard to hurt permanently and he regenerates absurdly quickly.

    All that said, did Midora ever use Back Channel? That would surely help cover the speed issue.
    Not on screen, but he does see several people use it, and he's supposed to be able to copy anything he sees

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    The Surfer search is an example of him actually searching the planet and is a speed feat. Anyone who attempts to discount it by speculating he just used cosmic awareness or some other alternate explanation will be kicked off the thread for ignoring Rumbles standards of evidence and feats.
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    Moving past the world searching feat...

    Quote Originally Posted by Morning View Post
    We dont see him do that though. We see Peter Quill do it when piloting a starship, or Worldmind do it when plotting a jump for Nova. But all the evidence points to Surfer just freestyling. Notice how he acclerates, turns and stops on a dime all without any on panel evidence of forethought.

    I will say the 1st one has a decent case as reaction speed feat, since it involves him moving at explicitly lightspeed while surrounded by debris and (as you mention) stopping on a dime. The second scan doesn't really hold any relevance that I can detect. The third might... but relative velocity makes that feel a little questionable, and it is Starhawk that is actually stopping on a dime there.

    I can dig up scans of a ringless Hal Jordan specifically disabling the navigation program on an extremely FTL ship so it could go as fast as possible and then manually steering the thing past planets.
    I'm curious to see it.
    Here you go.

    A few pages before this Hal calls the ship the fastest in the universe. It seemed to be faster than what even the Lantern rings could achieve, it seems.

    Edit: Huh, seems to be a blocked site here. Well, it comes from the War of the Green Lantern story line from 2011. I can probably dig up an issue number if that helps.
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