And we're back!

Issue #43 has finally been published after the virus shutdown. Terry is back in the suit and reclaiming his position as Batman. There is also some indication that he is suffering some emotional repercussions from what False Face did to him. It will be interesting to see if Jurgens intends to explore that further.

As reported elsewhere, one of the major features of this issue is having Bruce, Terry & Matt moving from Wayne Mansion into the heart of NeoGotham. There is a nice little in-joke when Bruce gives the entry code for the new base of operations: 1-10-99. As you might guess, January 10, 1999 is when the very first episode of the Batman Beyond animated series was broadcast.

Otherwise, the issue is setting up the start of the Damian storyline. If you haven't been reading this title, this would be a good issue to start.