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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark-Jacket View Post
    You could add Madelyn to the outback era. She was on the team but not on the missions (most of the time).
    OMG, how could I forget good old Maddy, SHAMEONME! I knew there was something wrong when I was taking attendance to the Outback X-Women, I was sure they were more than the X-Men, but I got fifty-fifty instead No, I was right, it was 5:4. I'm so sorry, Maddy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Relugus View Post
    The funny thing is Claremont would likely be accused of being an SJW and "forcing diversity" and "sidelining male characters" in our current climate.

    That said he was far more nuanced about it and made it organically part of the story.
    Hear, hear!

    Quote Originally Posted by terrancejameson View Post
    We wouldn't be discussing issues of diversity if wasn't for his exceptional approach to the topic.
    Hear, hear!

    That being said, there are great female Marvel characters outside the X-brand, I love several of them. But X-Women are a whole lot more than them, and usually better (as characters, not necessarily more powerful, any need).

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    Quote Originally Posted by powerpax View Post
    All that article does is lightly touch on something which informs your personal take - that Carol is in play in part because the X-Men were not. That's nice, and? In other news, water is wet. But that fact does nothing to counter the fact that Carol is and has been a power match for the X-women in question for over 30 years, and also a popular character with readers for decades, growing in prominence over time. It does nothing to counter the fact that the larger push of her character also pre-dates the MCU. All of which makes her as uniquely suited to her current role in the MCU franchise as any X-woman.

    Of course you don't, because then the claim that Carol has been unfairly made prominent only recently - and overpowered specifically to dethrone and disenfranchise the women of the X-Men - completely disintegrates. All of that is untrue.

    That doesn't change the fact that even if they were there and when they are, Carol will remain one of the most powerful women in the Marvel Universe, as she has been for decades. Thanks to, yet again, X-writer Chris Claremont.

    And with that comment, your relevance in this discussion ends.
    I didnít reply directly to you that last because you purposely sidestepped the points I personally made in order to feel an attack on Carolís behalf. I feel you deserve a response this time. Itís not okay to misrepresent someoneís points and then proceed with your argument as weíre actually talking about the same thing. Itís funny because you manage to do exactly what Carol does to Monica in the scans I posted many pages ago about their talk about the name change.

    Let me clue you in on the timeline of events. You can fact check for yourself after this. Hybrid mentions he has issue with her push as the end all be all. Is point was simply that she was pushed as this ultimate Heroine because the X-women werenít available. I agreed. I even posted a link to an article that suggested as much. Thatís it, thatís all. Hybridís point is valid. Thatís legitimate cause to not fall head over heels in love with Carol. You all are missing that point. Thereís no and on that point. You keep looking for a reason to say itís solely ďI hate womenĒ and you wonít find it. Iíve personally admitted that Brie Larson DID received rape and death threats for those reasons. What more do you want? That was all Hybrid was saying. I agreed with him. I went further with my points and you didnít even try to touch them.

    I went a lot further. I made mention of how white women routinely dismiss black women the same way they say white men dismiss them, their feelings, their issues and everything else. I also posted a scan of Monica attempting to have a discussion with Carol about the name change and how she wouldíve liked a heads up. That was Monicaís point. What did Carol do? She changed the subject and started telling Monica she had many names she could choose from. What the fuck does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Not only did that not have anything to do with Monicaís point, Carol had to be reminded that she also has many other name she couldíve chosen. But in classic white feminists fashion she didnít bother to hear anything the black woman in front of her was saying other that what she wanted to hear.

    To make matters worse the link to that article I posted earlier with Kelly Sue DeConnick giving her take on Captain Marvel makes mention of Storm and Jean Grey three different times. Why wouldnít she? Storm and Phoenix are arguably Marvelís most iconic females. But she also doesnít mention Monica Rambeau once, but she mentioned Carol is the sixth person to don the name. Suffice it all to say that she had no problem overlooking Monica Rambeau (a black woman) just like Carol didnít.

    I never said Carol wasnít deserving of a place in the MCU. I said she wasn't deserving of the place she was given or the recognition that came with it. Kelly Sue DeConnick mentioned Storm three times because no one in their right minds would look at her notable career as a superhero and not want another heroine to match it. You played yourself thinking we were talking about the same things.

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