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    Default Alternative to

    Its gone and its such a shame. Any alternative sites that are as complete as that one was?

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    It's not quite to the level of cbdb yet, but I've found to be pretty damn close.

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    The Grand Comic Base is the best.
    Comic vine is great too ( Not as thorough but a decent database ).

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    I'm not sure. Makes you wonder how we'll navigate the future.

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    The Classic Comics Forum:


    I agree with Chcknman69, is the best. They have this on their front page:

    Import of Collections (Updated 30th November 2019)
    As we have seen a number of users from looking for alternatives in view of its shutdown, we added some basic support to import collections given in the export format of that site into
    There are mixed reports of success and non-success with the import. If it doesn't work following the hints below feel free to contact us. If we don't hear about specific problems, we cannot do much about it.

    There seem to be two different output formats, the one using the link in the banner with the shutdown notice, and one in My Collection. Only the second is supported, the first one is missing the publisher information, which are needed to limit the search results.
    The import tries to find the corresponding issues from your collection in our database via a search, you then need to select the corresponding issues in the search result.
    If many of the comics are not found, than the export file will need some search-and-replace editing to adjust differences in publisher names or series names. In other words, if whole series are not found you will need to search for the series and publisher name on our site and then edit the export file.
    We suspect that the import will not work as good for collected editions.
    For performances reasons, the import can only happen in batches of size 500.
    More info under the import-button on
    Feel free to contact us on the mailing lists, on facebook, or by email, we might be able to assist.
    The new home of the pre-2014 CBR Classic Comics Forum community:

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