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    Default A personal experience with SW Episode 2 ("attack of the clones")

    This a mini-diary, in which I account my personal experience with the opening of Episode II: "Attack of the Clones".

    In 2002, I was employed by the Clearview Cinema chain. I was hired for the staff at the multiplex on East 62nd street, but when they were making plans to open "Clones" at the famous Ziegfeld theatre, I was transferred there for about two weeks, to handle the big crowds. I recall opening night, when those famous 'fanboys' were lined up outside for a first crack at the tickets. There were media there, and even some guys in realistic 'stormtrooper' outfits (probably supplied by the studio for publicity). We sold out the first midnight screening. I ended up greeting tickeholders in costume, which was great fun. I ended up seeing the movie at 3 AM, when my shift was finally over. Even at that late (or early?) hour, the house was about 3/4 full. They seemed to like it, for the most part. I ended up meeting one "Star Wars" alumnus at the theatre - Liam Neeson.
    He bought his two kids with him, and I heard one of them chattering in the lobby "My dad was IN 'star wars'!" I also briefly spotted his wife, who sadly passed on young (Natasha Richardson - her last name is the same as mine!). When I playfully told Liam "May the force be with you!" as he entered the theatre, he replied "Och, it left me a long time ago!".

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    I think around that time Liam was a bit burned out from all the blue screen stuff from TPM and was contemplating quitting acting entirely, but eventually got over that.

    (Of course he would eventually return to do Qui-Gon voiceovers for clone Wars). Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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