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    Jo is sassy, I like this...

    Its Legacy, yet different...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurenai24 View Post
    Someone on reddit said:

    "The idea that all the emotion we see is just 'communication' but none of them actually have emotions is just cool".

    So I think I am interpreting this correctly, the emotive reactions are just another form of communication but it doesn't mean that's how these aliens feel, if their faces are contorted into anger, it doesn't mean that they're angry but that what you did or said was wrong.

    It's like these 3 aliens species are playing charades or acting, but I still expect a twist.
    end of spoilers
    I'm late to this discussion but my reaction when coming upon this in the story is that this is primarily a practical solution to aid storytelling.

    In world it would make sense that emotionless would mean a flat affect - no facial expressions of emotion. Vulcan-like, but without those flashes of emotion Spock shows. But Jamal has to illustrate this thing. As soon as I saw this idea introduced into the comic, this is what I immediately thought. It's a storytelling choice. Having everyone just stare blankly is going to limit Jamal's choices severely. Comics have to convey a lot compactly and in a static way, and with very few words (not much room for dialog balloons). Take away facial expressions, and limit the number of words, and just how does this story get told well? And also - Vulcans are kind of ridiculous and everyone makes fun of their submerging of emotion.
    end of spoilers

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    Rereading issue 1, i liked when Jo accidentally creates an alien sitting in the chair.

    I just thought it was a cute gag.

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    I liked the character and setup, but the script was iffy for me. So many comas that I keep pausing and it disrupts the reading flow.

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    SyfyWire interview with Jemisin and Campbell.

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