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    Default Dark Knights Metal question...

    I just picked up Dark Knights Metal and The Batman Who Laughs. Is there anything I need to know before I start on these books? I havnt read much Rebirth stuff so I am a little unsure if I should ever read these yet or not. Thanks in advance for all the help.
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    The Dark Days trade collects everything leading up to it.
    It's the Dynamic Duo! Batman and Robin!... and Red Robin and Red Hood and Nightwing and Batwoman and Batgirl and Orphan and Spoiler and Bluebird and Lark and Gotham Girl and Talon and Batwing and Huntress and Azreal and Flamebird and Batcow?

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    Also having read Snyder’s Court of Owls story at least if not his whole Batman run will be a big help.

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    Dark Days is probably required reading (it's insane it's not in the main collection) - at least the two issues called Dark Days (The Forge and The Casting). Snyder's run (especially Court of Owls and Endgame) are not necessary, but certainly provide added context and create the framework through which the final showdown in Metal can be best appreciated (it's thematically clear w/o reading Snyder's run, but Capullo does some nice callbacks in the art that are truly enjoyable if you've read Endgame before Metal).
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