First, are anyone out there also collects Rick and Morty comics?

I was late to the Rick and Morty hype, and I binge watched the 3 seasons just after the release of the Season 3 Blu-ray, and liked the series a lot. I then bought the first Deluxe edition that was already released. The second Deluxe was already solicited at the time, so I was pretty hopeful to continue the series that way. I was also glad to learned that the 3rd Deluxe edition was solicited with the first spin-of, so everything was to be collected in an hard cover. But wow, they take forever to be released!!! The forth Deluxe edition book will be released later in 2019. There is huge time gaps in between them...

Today I had too much time on my hand, and made a quick table with the releases dates of the softcover TPB vs the Deluxe Books:

The Deluxe Book 1 was released on Dec 2016 -- 7 months after the Volume 1 TPB (Dec 2015) and Volume 2 TPB (May 2016);
The Deluxe Book 2 was released on Nov 2017 -- 9 months after the Volume 3 TPB (Oct 2016) and Volume 4 TPB (Feb 2017);
The Deluxe Book 3 was released on Sep 2018 -- 13 months after the Lil' Poopy Superstar TPB (Mar 2017) and Volume 5 TPB (Aug 2017); then
The Deluxe Book 4 will be released on Oct 2019 -- 19 months after the Volume 6 TPB (Dec 2017) and Pocket Like You Stole It (Mar 2018)...

The other TPBs that will undoubtedly be in the Deluxe Books 5-8 are:

Volume 7: May 2018
Volume 8: Dec 2018
Rick and Morty Presents Vol. 1: May 2019
Volume 9: Jun 2019
Rick and Morty vs D&D 1: Mar 2019
Volume 10: Dec 2019
Rick and Morty vs D&D 2: Mar 2020
Rick and Morty Presents Vol. 2: Apr 2020

I know that Oni Press is smaller than DC, Marvel or Dark Horse, and really hope that Oni Press continue releasing these, but hopefully they'll release them quicker than what we have now, because if they continue like this, the deluxe book 5 won't be released before 2021 or 2022, and I might just switch to the TPB.

Any insider info to why it takes longer for these to come out?