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    Default Anyone read WONDER WOMAN COME BACK TO ME?

    I thought about reading it but haven’t tried it yet

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    I thought I had written some words about the two issues so far, but apparently I never posted them.

    Script-wise, it opened weak, since the first adventure with the forest fire felt rather added on and wasn't that coherent. It was nice seeing Diana's ability with animals spotlighted, though. Once they got to the mysterious island, things stepped up, with them taking an everything and the kitchen sink to elements to include. I also like that they weren't afraid of showing Steve and Diana as a couple.

    Art-wise I'm not that impressed, and again the first adventure didn't know how it wanted to be (just look at the different art och coloring styles over in the opening scene by the beach). Things are more consistent now, but it also doesn't feel that interesting or dynamic on the drawing level, even when the compositions are fine.
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    I think Amanda Conner got the tone right. It has a supporting cast, and the story follows the Marstonian idea of a WW story happening in a bizarre, otherworldly place. I think this comic is a brown dwarf that's too small, playing it too safe or too something to achieve fusion...catch on fire. It's a little dull, so far, ..but, I'm optimistic. I like the set up, so far.

    I also like that Diana's beach town got a name, ..OCEAN CITY, ..which happens to be DC's favorite summer playground.
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    I wasn’t aware this had been made available separately in comic shops till seeing this thread. Thanks! I’m going to check it out.

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