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    Default Have Sif And Valkyrie Appeared In A Story Together?

    Was there ever a story where Sif and Valkyrie were used together or even interacted at all?
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    This is the one which immediately comes to mind...

    "In Thor: Son of Asgard #7-9, titled "Enchanted," Sif is the only girl in a class of male warriors until the arrival of Brunnhilda. With this female warrior and Amora, Sif now has now two rivals in the competition for Thor's affections.[13] The two blondes remind her that she lost her golden hair, after Loki jealously cut it and replaced it with enchanted black hair made by dwarves. Taking advantage of her vulnerability, Amora and Loki work together to trick Sif into stealing the Mirror of Mycha.[14]

    The Mirror of Mycha is an enchanted mirror that, when the proper spell is cast upon it, will cause the person who is looking into it to fall in love with the person holding it. The legend says that only a woman's touch can give life to the mirror.[14]

    Loki casts the spell. Amora steals the mirror from Sif and uses it on Thor.[14] Brunnhilda and Sif decide to fight together against the sorcerers. During the fight, Brunnhilda breaks the mirror and the spell over Thor vanishes. Sif has to apologize and explain why she would have tricked him with the Mirror of Mycha. Thor forgives her and they exchange their first kiss.[15]"

    I also think they were used together in a couple of panels during the "Everything Burns" arc, if memory serves me right.
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    considering the number of people shipping them now, something may be around the corner.

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    Other than what was mentioned, I never remember seeing Brunhilde and Sif together. Sad, they could have had some good stories!

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