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    Default Ok, how many Spidey-related titles are out now?

    Every six months or so I find myself having to turn to the experts to really get a picture on how many Spidey related monthly titles are active.

    Can anyone list them all? Are they all in the same main 616 Universe?

    I'm a Parker guy, so I currently only pick up ASM and FNSM.

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    The correct answer is 1,057 but seriously there recently have been a lot of Spidey related titles out there (ongoings, minis, and one-shots). What I find most interesting is other than arguably Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider none are alternate universe takes.
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    With Superior Spider-Man ending soon, the current Spider-line is looking like (not counting mini/limited series):

    Amazing Spider-Man
    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
    Miles Morales: Spider-Man
    Ghost Spider
    Black Cat

    I'm willing to bet that new Spider-Ham book that just got announced is going to be a limited series. There's also a theory that a new 2099 book is going to end up spinning out of the Event that Spencer has planned for Miguel.
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