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Quoting all of the secrets because I think the exact language is likely key in a lot of these. I think we are to pay attention to every word/letter/character. As an example, people on this thread have pointed out that it says “lies” at the bottom of the page. But I look at the zeroes in front of the word and think “zero lies”. In other words, they’re all true. But perhaps not in the way that’s most obvious.

I’m hardly an X-Men expert so I’m not sure I’ll add anything to the guesswork, but here are a few thoughts that are different from what I’ve read in this thread...

Secret number 5... I think that people are trying too hard to connect this one to past events. “Best at what he does” has to be Wolverine in my mind otherwise the clue is disingenuous. I believe the only likely candidate or married with a kid” is Meghan. People are eliminating this combination because nothing has happened between them in the past. But so what? That doesn’t mean that this isn’t a new relationship that is going to be explored in the near future. It’s a secret after all.

Actually, that’s all I got... for now.
What about Age Of Ultron Wolverine and Sue Storm?