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    Question Anyone reading Stray Bullets? Thoughts? Recommendations?

    I looked for earlier threads, but they were from a long time ago and generally not focused on just the series, so I thought I'd start a new one.

    I read the original series when they came out and was excited when the series came over to image and I tried a few issues when they were originally being published, but I haven't really kept up on it. I tried sunshine and roses and the killers, but the killers I had no idea what was going on and with sunshine and roses it just kept going and going and I just lost interest. I think the art is still great and the writing is good and love the tone of the series, but the story just lost me and haven't really had an interest in going back. It looks like the series is still in the sunshine and roses, so I guess if that finishes I might try after that.

    I dunno, anyone reading it and have different opinions? I'd like to be wrong and go pick up some issues that others recommend. I'm also of the opinion that I thought the series was at it's strongest in the first 3 arcs when it focused on orson, beth and virginia.

    I'm also surprised that Lapham doesn't get the acclaim that other crime writers like Brubaker, Miller and Azzarello seem to receive. The way the story transitions from time period and characters and that the violence always feels shocking is really well done. I also just feel like the crime is more real in this series then the others. Like with Criminal I can tell Brubaker likes 70's crime movies, but Lapham feels like he uses actual criminals as research. Like I feel like there is someone like Spanish Scott in the real world, where Tracy from Criminal is a movie character that doesn't exist.

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    Sunshine and Roses is ending soon, possibly in the next issue (42). The new series will be called Virginia, so it looks like you'll be getting your wish there.

    I somewhat agree that S&R has begun to lose a little steam, but perhaps the delays to the later issues have impacted my perception. I felt it was cruising along quite nicely until somewhere around issues 25-30. I also feel the tone has taken a darker turn to its detriment. Stray Bullets has always had a nihilistic quality (hence the title of vol. 1), but that has usually been coloured in a darkly humorous fashion. Even when shocking, it has always been fun.

    It's still an amazing series and I think the original volumes will benefit even more from you reading collected editions of S&R prior, in part to the timeline continuity, before catching up with Virginia again when she returns.


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    Oh my god yes! Since issue one, and I can't stress enough that if you've liked what you've read, you should try to get all of it you can (which I think are all available). THE most scary comic book out there! It does seem like it's all beginning to tie together.
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    Just gonna put this in from the independent forum thread:

    The relatively low-level stuff in Stray Bullets does add to the realism. No one's a superman. Obviously some characters are better at what they do than others, but no one is anyone who can't imagine really existing, even if we'd rather not meet them.

    My love for the book is in the overall arc that manages to make every issue have some sort of story and a concluding point. I can read an issue and be sure I'm getting something.

    It is slower than shit, though. What's the antonym for "cool beans"?

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