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    Quote Originally Posted by dietrich View Post
    The power of the Bat.
    Even when it's not about him.

    Saw that this was on the HR's top books of 2019 is it good? Would you guys recommend it?
    It's really good! The dynamic between Carrie Kelly / Batwoman and the Super-kids is very fun, and the art is lovely. It's a one shot so it's not a huge commitment either.

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    It's a wild ride!

    As a one is a one shot. It leaves me wanting to know more. It captures the zeitgeist and I think some readers who don't like politics in their comics, will not like it but Miller has never shied away from that. DKR also delved into the politics of that day. DK2 also captured the times and, it to me reads better and better as time goes by and what seems satirical and zany isn't anymore . The world we live in is crazy. Some times I feel exactly like Lara because when you see the horrors we inflict on each other and the earth, you can't help but feel cynical and angry. Humans just know how to screw everything up. Jonathan is the hopeful and wise voice. Carrie is the pragmatic one. They make a good team. I want more. I want to know more of Jonathan and his powers intrigue me.

    Miller writes one of the best Darkseid's I have ever read!

    Oh and Grampa's art is so energetic. Suits this verse. The colorist deserves high praise too.
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    Thanks so much guys, will pick it up.

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    Lara comes across as pretty vile. No thanks.

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    This was really, nice.A decent read. Darseid was something else. The theme is very much fighting a dictator. Little jon is really different and surprisingly the best part, other than darkseid for me. That neutron vision thingy was really beautiful to look at. Jon is wise beyond years and still has the defiant side to him.

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