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    Default Iron Man (MCU) vs. Captain America (MCU)

    Iron Man vs. Captain America

    Civil War Rematch with a twist: Steve is wielding Mjolnir. Stark is using his most powerful suit.

    Both combatants are fighting in the ruins of Avengers HQ, shortly after Thanos destroyed it in Avengers: Endgame. MCU versions only.

    Who wins?
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    Steve has no real defence against the bomblets, and IW Tony is probably faster than any version of Steve we’ve seen.

    My money’s still on Tony, despite Mjolnir.

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    Note: I am basing most of my "Steve with Mjolnir" stuff off of the guy receiving a full stat boost up to Thor level. I feel it's a reasonable assumption.

    Yet despite that huge boost, I figure this is still Tony's fight to lose.

    Strength (or at least damage output) should be pretty close based off of Tony damaging Thanos and picking up that huge chunk of debris on Titan. Durability again is probably close based on Tony tanking that moon rock, but unlike Tony, damage accrued for Thormerica is... well, damage accrued. For all intents and purposes, Tony's nanites give him a sort of "healing factor". As long as you dont burn through his nanite reserves faster then he can generate them, he seems ok after damage.* Last but not least are ranged attacks and overall mobility.

    Unlike proper Thor, Steve only showed pure lightning attacks. No weather manipulation or vortex creation. Pure lightning just powers Tony up, whereas repulsors etc should wear Steve down just fine. Mobility is also hugely in Tony's favor. Steve never showed flight ability. He can't close the gap. A tossed shield won't deal enough damage and would just limit his defense. A tossed Mjolnir likewise is less reliable then Tony's ranged game and again limits his defense.

    I see this fight taking a looong time to finish. Steve turtles well and looks for openings. Even when he finds them, Tony is hardly a pushover in physicality so it's a drawn out but losing confrontation.

    *Before anyone goes "Pfft, Arby dude, Thor one shot Tony in Endgame with baseball Mjolnir!" yeah, that just feels like a low showing given the other crap Tony was tanking.
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    If we just spot Cap all of Thor's feats and abilities, then he could win. If we give him only the feats he actually showed, then no, he doesn't win.
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