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    Default GI Joe #1 preview

    IDW is adding a new GI Joe book to the line, first issue out this coming Wednesday, 9/18.

    They've got Paul Allor on writing. He's done some GI Joe stuff for IDW before, plus TMNT and fun Clue mini-series. Chris Evenhuis is on art, Brittany Peer is doing colors.

    Looks like the direction they're going with is that Cobra has occupied most of the world, and GI Joe is more an insurgency than a formal unit. Some familiar characters - Duke, Stalker, Scarlett, Hawk, etc. - are still military, the head organizers of the resistance. Others - like Roadblock and Jinx - have been reimagined as civilian resistance, along with a few new characters. Interestingly enough, we've gotten no hint of the status of two of the bigger names in the franchise, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, though Allor has said he has plans for both.

    There are a couple of early reviews up - one at Multiversity Comics and another at the Comics Burst!! podcast - and both are pretty positive.

    I've just gotten into the ARAH comics and I've been enjoying them, plus Allor's previous work has been solid. So I'm curious to see what his take on the franchise will be.

    Preview pages:

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    This Week's Comics:Fallen Angels #1, GI Joe: A Real American Hero #268

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