This is going to be a mechanical war between Terminators and the Sheikah-built Guardians.

Round I) 100 T-800s vs. 100 Guardian Stalkers. Both sides start 200 yards from each other. 50 of the T-800s will actually be T-850s.

Round II) 100 T-600s vs 100 Guardian Scouts (seen primarily in Sheikah Shrines, primarily during the "A ???? Test of Strength" trials):

Guardian Scout I (25)

Guardian Scout II (25)

Guardian Scout III (25)

Guardian Scout IV (25)

All machines will have their STANDARD armaments seen in their original media, meaning that the T-800s will have their Plasma Rifles, and the Guardian Scouts will be armed with their various Guardian weaponry.

Battle takes place in Hyrule Field after the Great Calamity.