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    Default Gemini Man (Spoilers Allowed)

    Hadn't heard of this film until a minute ago when a commercial played during a football game. Looks to position itself as the latest Will Smith blockbuster.

    Commercial gave me mixed feelings. It looked interesting, but on the other hand the premise seems like every as Marvel origin movie ever.

    What's you're thoughts?
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    Young CGI will Smith looks good but just off enough it bugs the crap out of me. I know they said they couldnt use deaging CGI because Will Smith is alot larger then young Smith.( It was Ali when he made this transformation right? Went from lean to thick)

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    I'm interested mainly because several of the scenes were shot in the small Georgia town that I teach in. It was shot during spring break so we got to see a lot of the scenes being filmed and Will was also very gracious with his time.
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