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    Default Spinel (Steven Universe) vs. Reed Richards

    Whi would win in a fight between Spinel from Steven Universe and Reed Richards? No prep time, no gear for Richards and Spinel is in her more aggressive form rather then her happy go lucky form.

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    Spinel is vastly physically stronger and faster but Reed is way more malleable (given what we saw of Spinel's shapeshifting - she's not on the level of Amethyst for example) and has something of a resistance to blunt trauma, I recall him surviving being decked in the face by The Thing without being knocked out.

    I'd back Spinel on this one.
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    Reed isn't really known for being a hand-to-hand combatant... Though neither was Spinel before coming to Earth (and her first win was mostly due to catching the CGs off-guard while wielding a OHKO weapon). However, her fighting style as shown in the movie is random enough that Reed, without the training/experience of combatants like Captain America or Black Panther, would have trouble combating against. And both seem to be malleable enough that blunt impacts are almost worthless.

    I'd say that Spinel wins this in a battle of attrition, simply outlasting Reed until he passes out from exhaustion.
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