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I'm not sure Namor and T'Challa belong on this list. They certainly control more money than anyone on this list except each other, but it is not clear how much is their personal fortune. T'Challa in particular has had to subsist on as little as a school teachers salary during periods when he was deposed. So saying that they are rich is a bit like saying the President owns the US budget.
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I also don't think including T'Challa, Namor, and Doom as billionaires make sense. They are heads of states of nations. And Forbes' lists ranking heads of states on personal wealth of heads-of-state has always been iffy (not to mention politicized). If we talk of personal wealth we mean something specific.
Namor started Oracle Inc. when everyone believed he was dead with a treasure chest of gold and jewels. Besides whatever personal wealth, or the wealth of his kingdom, he has access to any shipwreck or sunken treasure or rare earth metals that are underwater. The guy definitely belongs on the list, as someone with almost limitless wealth.