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    Default Once & Future now an on-going

    I must have missed the announcement. I was just reading an interview about The Wicked & The Divine on Newsarama, and Gillen casually mentioned Once & Future being an ongoing series now. Talked about how he was able to move something from issue 6 to 7 now.

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    Still haven't been able to grab a copy. Hopefully Midtown will get more in.
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    I'm happy, shopkeeper slipped a copy into my pull box, and I very much enjoyed the first issue. From what I understand Gillen had initially hoped to continue the series with future minis. Now he's just reformatting some ideas to read better as an ongoing.
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    Sweet! Good to see this book becoming an ongoing.
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    You won't find me complaining that Dan Mora is getting more work, but you will find it in my pull list.

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