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    Her bizzare Bruce Jones revival was (as well as I'm pretty sure all the Samson stuff from that too). However, she visited Ross's "grave" in her human form during the Loeb/Pak run, along with Talbot (Who was revealed to be an LMD) and appeared a few other times since (With Red She Hulk appearing as well) until the Fall of the Hulks/World War Hulks storyline revealed that they were the same.

    Also I'm pretty sure the Fall of the Hulks Alpha comic had the Intelligista steal her cryo-tube her father kept her in (at the end of the Peter David run, and later elaborated on in Jenkin's run), presumabely to conduct the gamma treatments which created the Red She Hulk.
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    For a new character, she was well-received. As always, a lot of fans were annoyed that a classic character was altered, but for the most part people liked her.
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