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Blackest Night and Brightest Day relied on countless stories in order to explain all of the resurrected heroes. After all, you can't resurrect someone unless they've died already.
I'd hardly call "This is a list of dead DC characters" as being "reliant" on countless stories. It's more "these are the characters not popular enough to resurrect yet" then anything else since comic book death is a revolving door.

Final Crisis depended on the Death of the New Gods and Infinite Crisis. Again, the New Gods couldn't possess people unless they'd died and of course they were able to take over the ruins of Blüdhaven because it had been destroyed in Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis, in turn, relied on COIE.
Aren't all the modern Crisis stories generally considered so-so? The only Crisis I've ever heard is a "classic" or "must read" is still the original.

The Return of Barry Allen (and really the whole of Wally's time as the Flash) depended on COIE and Barry's death.
This is the only one you've named I really consider a legitimate example here. But the thing is, this story, plus Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis are all dependent on a story made to retcon prior continuity! Your argument for continuity is largely founded on an event with the main goal of undoing continuity, that's just weird. That's like, a pro-reboot argument in disguise!

There are many, many other examples, but I digress. The idea that the stories of the DCU don't rely on continuity just doesn't line up with the facts.
I never said that some DC stories don't rely or couldn't on continuity, I said most of the great ones don't. And the facts are still kind of largely lining up with that.

Not really. The Death of Superman animated movie was completely divorced in its own universe, separate from the comics universe, which was still populated with stories that depended on the events of that story to even function. For example, you couldn't have the animated version of Death of Superman in the main comics universe because then you'd have to explain how Hal Jordan became Parallax without Hank Henshaw and Mongul destroying Coast City as they did in the original comic. Hal Jordan as Parallax is what led to Kyle Rayner becoming Green Lantern, and then Final Night, and then the events of Green Lantern: Rebirth and the Geoff Johns GL run.
Like you really couldn't have Coast City destroyed by someone else, or have Hal become Parallax because of some other reason, or introduce Kyle Rayner as a GL some other way. As if you couldn't possibly make better stories by changing any of those things or others. Again, I never ever once said that stories don't use things from earlier stories, I only said that the vast majority of them don't, and even fewer of the really good ones do.

Do keep in mind I've never read a GL book - the GL mythos has just never really interested me as much as Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman.