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    Default History of the Marvel Universe #3: Dawn of Heroes

    Javier being this good should be illegal.

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    The Daredevil, Inhumans, and Beast scenes plus the 70's hero splash are fantastic. I wish Sam was included in the Cosmic Cube recap and Carol was in the Mar-Vell stuff.
    Our main character, a socially awkward outcast, gains newfound confidence and arrogance before committing a string of horrid acts. He then wears a fancy suit and proceeds to dance like a maniac to music that isn't actually there playing around him.

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    This book is so impossibly gorgeous.

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    Great limited series.
    In the first issue i had just read a few of the stories mentioned in the main story by Mark Waid and Javier Rodrigues,in the second issue i had even read less stories from that period of time.But in the third issue i had read almost all the stories mentioned except the Ant Man origin story for example.
    And last but not least the illustrations are sensational.

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