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    Wink What comics publishers do you like most?

    What independent comics publishers are you reading? What's good about them? Looking for recommendations. Except big companies

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    *Looks at pull list

    Image, Dark Horse, Aftershock, Boom, Dynamite, IDW, Valiant, Rebellion, Vault and Ahoy

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    Valiant has been amazing in its third generation and that's even after the company had major changes in management more than a year ago. They publish less than ten books each month, so it's easy to buy everything. There's been a lot of solid world-building across the universe that becomes quite noticeable if one reads all their books.

    Zenescope became quite good somewhere along the way. Yeah, they catch a lot of flack for their good-girl or "pornographic" cover variants, but I started picking up some of their books about two years ago and now buy everything from them faithfully. Most recently I'm impressed by the Gretel mini-series and the various Robyn Hood mini-series; however, I still don't get the appeal of Grimm Fairy Tales -- their only ongoing series which is now in its second run.

    I used to buy everything from Vault but now I buy nothing because they can't even bother to finish publishing many of their mini-series. They'll publish two or three issues and then you get stuck buying a trade collection to get the rest of the series. That's BS! Buy some of their collections. Don't waste money on their floppies!

    Warrant has been publishing The Creeps, a bi-monthly black-and-white horror magazine that's an homage to Creepy.

    I like a few of the Archie titles, especially Sabrina stuff. Kickstarter has White Ash, The Few and the Cursed, Miskatonic High, Die Kitty Die and some other great stuff. White Ash is the best comic book series I've read in years: sort of a Twin Peaks/Lord of the Rings mash-up that is dark, mysterious, operatic and sometimes funny. There's a hardcover collection of the first four issues of White Ash (that's actually around 150 pages of story because the issues are longer than what everyone else offers).

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