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    Given how we have threads about critters/monsters and so forth. Was thinking of a lore dump thread so details are easy to access for sake of rumbles (this thread inspired by Love raft and lack of stuff there. Sure this covers all critters, just yeah.)

    As for me? After class going to post up some Lovecraft. Especially the Outer Gods ( Who are the true deities of said work.)

    Anyone can post other critters too. The main purpose is to break down their plot/power level so smoother threads should they show up.

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    People are always trying to do rumbles about Cthulhu, despite his dearth of feats, but shoggoths would be more interesting for a wider range of opponents. But they are problematic for rumbles, because the original canon sources (Lovecraft's stories) lack feats. Shoggoths are public domain now, so they have shown up in a variety of other works, but do those feats all count for shoggoths by default?

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    Yeah really. Also this is to mix and match as example of Lovecraft has been public domain for a while.

    Also to note. He was a Atheist due to harsh religious family raised him as his parents were taken to him due to mental illness.

    He considered if there is a God, said being does not care or comprehend what was made (creation)

    Anyway, back on topic. The real Gods, and the critters I know from Lovecraft.

    You Slotha: Oh boy. This is as close to omnipotent as it gets here. He is time. Literally, he is the universal course of time. His nature very fickle and shifts, but given role. Too alien even for me to describe.

    Azathoth: Big bad of bad here. Created the universe and slept. Should he awaken again, the end of everything. Nukes are basically bombs with ritual code to summon tiny chunks of this guy to remove cuties from the map.

    Big N: The most with character. Finds trolling humans to be fun as he delivers forbidden knowledge to us, trying to get us to kill ourselves. That includes the Azathoth nukes.

    He also is akin to Loki. Knows, everything including magic and shape shifting. Has over a hundred names, each with a name, form and abilities. Can also fuse around with reality in degrees.

    Shub Niggeah: The life Goddess and mother of flesh. Where all the messed up critters come from in o e way or another, sapient dna. Always mutating and changing, her brood following suit.

    Old Ones: Not Gods, just giant alien critters.

    Cthulhu: Destined to wipe out Humanity and leave, so the Inheritors take our place. He needs the stars to be right to function, dimensions exist beyond 3. A high priest of Azathorh so like a Mind Flayer Cleric deal. Also used mind powers to shuttle his city from time and space to Earth. Also showed up on Real Ghost Busters cartoon. Said to be stronger than Gozer.

    Hastur: Summonable by paper that drives people crazy and teleports them to him. Ok.

    Dagon: Biggest of the Deep Ones. Basically Kaiju fish man.

    Note I am only covering what I know, from stories and shows and Call of Cthulhu game.

    Deep Ones: Immoral as long not murdered.

    Lligors: Dragon like lizard bastards who can come back as long their soul ball is not tampered with.

    Shanti: Wasps who have psychic power. Love making nests in humans. And eating our brains.

    Dholes: Dune style worms.

    Migo: Fungus monsters from Pluto who harvest our organs.

    Hounds of Tidalos: Wxist out of time and space, hunt time travels down by traveling through angles.

    Will be in more detail depending on questions.

    The rest:

    Yithnians: They time travel by projecting thoughts into human minds. Really weird.

    Inheritors: The big horrors that replace us.

    Cthonian : Cthulhu but underground and more wormy, have a rape culture deal that I am ashamed of knowing.

    Shoggoths: The best for last!

    Made to be workers for their creators. They reveled and won. Ironically all native life forms of Earth are inheritors of the Shoggoths as in time most decided to experiment becoming complex in different ways.

    Yeah the Thing from John Carpenter with a dose of. Lob from
    80s remake best way to describe them as they constantly shift stuff.

    I know people will talk, best to be civil some love and devotion to scale these darn things.

    Lesser Critters:

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