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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthfury78 View Post
    While being a Avenger might be a problem for Spider-Man, it would not be a problem for Peter Parker because,

    1. He's a scientist who can contribute to the team
    2. He can act as a supporting character who deals with the research side of things
    3. He doesn't have to be a superhero as an Avenger

    Never understand why Marvel doesn't have Peter Parker using his intellect as a member of the Avengers in a civilian role.
    Because the Avengers typically have Iron Man as a permanent member and other geniuses like Hank Pym, Beast, T'Challa and others rotating in and out of the roster. Peter's role as a "smart guy" would be fairly redundant.

    Also, people who read the Avengers aren't reading for civilian interaction; they're reading for superheroes. If Spider-Man isn't going to be a part of the team, no one's going to care if Peter Parker is. They want Spider-Man to be a front line role.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pageturner View Post
    I think it happened in a what if as well when he was killed others went on the hunt.
    Yes, in the What If Kraven Had Killed Spider-Man in His Last Hunt. Cap, Daredevil, and Johnny went looking after MJ approached them because Peter was missing.

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    There have been many gaps where Iron Man, BP and Pym are not there.

    Plus there is a plus side of having more science guys on the team at the same time. As Spidey proved on the FF when he thought of thing Reed and Doom did not . When fighting the Collective (?) he thought of the best way to use the amour.

    While he will never be viewed in the elite level he has been outthinking science based villains since he was 15. Contrary to how they are used no scientist knows all fields at the highest level so he can fill in the gap.

    Lastly when they are in a fight with whoever and go into split squads having a scientist on both squads is not the worse thing.

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