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    Default Road Trip Comics Recommendations? ( Any Publisher)

    I can think of a ton of films that are like this, but blanking on road trip comics. I know I've read x-men comics that have done this, but can't remember specific issues. I'm not looking for a specific character or publisher, so I wasn't sure where to post this thread.

    Usagi Yojimbo always travels so a lot of his storylines could be like this. And the John Romita Jr. / Snyder batman was like this as well.

    I've also been taught that these type of stories are derived from Don Quixote, so they're not road trips, but Quixotic journeys.

    Anyways, would appreciate any recommendations.

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    100 Bullets

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    Road Trippy (Harley Quinn Road Trip Special)

    TVTropes also has some comics examples under Road Trip Plot.
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    Preacher .

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    The Walking Dead.
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    Most "adventurer" comics (Groo, Conan. Red Sonya, etc.) rely on the hero's traveling from place to place.
    Many post-apocalyptic comics (Y the Last man, Animosity, etc.) feature journeys across a devastated world.
    Many comics are devoted to exploring a fantasy world by journeying through it (The Wizard of Oz, Die, Manifest Destiny, etc.)
    One genuine "buddy road trip" comic, in the Hope-and-Crosby sense, is the 2015 Bizarro comic in which the title character takes a cross-country road trip with ... Jimmy Olsen!
    And, of course, let us not speak of Superman's walk across the USA. Ever.

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    I'm going to read the last 2 volume's of Don Rosa's Uncle Scrooge adventures. Nothing says globetrotting adventure like Uncle Scrooge

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    The original Old Man Logan.
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