Hello Everyone,

I am a sci-fi graphic novel writer and I would like to invite all graphic novel lovers to read and review a free e-book copy of my graphic novel. I can send a copy by email or if anyone has kindle unlimited you can also download a copy. Link provided below.


The year is 2161, a few years after the War of the Clipses. The Celestial Council has rebuilt and deployed their Solar Hunters in search of the Lunar Order who are now scattered across the galaxy. As the Lunar Order experiment on children in-order to find a cure to the deadly Apoptosis disease that plagues them, the Solar Hunters are stretched thin across the galaxy trying to hunt them down.

Krill, a student at the Solaris institute and member of the Solar Hunters, finds himself on the opposite side of his team when another one of his family members is killed by a member of the Celestial Council. Leaving the Solar Order in hopes of finding his father to help him exact revenge, he leads some of his former allies on a dangerous mission into enemy territory.


Thank you all for your time and consideration,
Damion Belvett