Going to post some of my "sample" scripts that are finished here as I finish them. Feel free to shoot me an offer if you'd like to collab or just want to offer feedback. (and if by any chance you've got any pull at any comic company and you like what you see, shoot me a pm for my email or preferred contact method)

1. Final Title: "Golden Years"

Synopsis: a 100+ year retrospective on the nature of nostalgia and the affect fame has on being a true impartial hero of the people by the world's oldest living superhero. Golden Years takes you on a journey from the eyes of Sunray aka Micheal Gregory, an elderly African-American man living out his sunset years (pun intended) in a retirement home, living almost isolated from a world that has passed him by nearly half a century ago. As hovercars drive hounding paparazzi to chase the dazzlingly glamorous modern superhero, a lone reporter interviews Micheal while being unable to escape the idea that he too is from a bygone age. Throughout Micheal's story, we learn of the effervescent heroine Vintage, a product of post war idea of American Exceptionalism, and the deadly Warhawk, created in the time of constant fear under the late Cold war and only exacerbated by the birth of war on terror. While entirely a product of fiction, this tale offers just a grounding touch of old world history, yet it is laid bare and reshaped under the lens of meta-fiction. I hope you enjoy the script from the first issue of Golden Years, and enjoy the writers annotations which offer a deeper insight into the world of Golden Years that typically only an artist would see. :)

Link available here