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Thread: DC vs Marvel

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    Not interested in the Joker movie and not really a fan of the idea of R-rated superhero movies, but why should I care if it's a success or not? It'll be what it'll be.
    Yeah, I am not really interested either. I am sure it will be a good movie, and it will probably do well, it's just not my cup of tea in the end. It's the same reason I don't really like the Batman who Laughs stuff. I know some people love it, but the gleeful sadism of the character just makes me uncomfortable. But in the end it's each to their own, some people can appreciate the darkness of a series or movie that features the Joker as the main character and star. I loved Heath Ledger in Dark Knight Returns, but his presence in the movie was balanced out by a fairly strong Batman so he didn't completely dominate the entire movie. He was the breakout character, but not the character we were rooting for, we were meant to root for Batman in Dark Knight Returns and that is how I preferred it.

    It's got a lot of accolades and Joaquin Phoenix is a phenomenal actor, I am sure the movie will do well at the theatres, and if it is as well acted and directed as people have said it deserves to do well. I will probably watch it when it comes out on video, just not in the theatre.
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    I don’t really care for the Joker movie. Not because it’s a DC property but because the movie is trying to make him sympathetic because the system couldn’t take care of his mental health issues and then people bullying him lead him to became a serial killer rather than him having a bad day and a normal person becoming straight up evil and sadistic due to a tragic event. Joker only works as a contrast to Batman not a sympathetic serial killer.

    I would have preferred to see them do a movie where it tackles Batman’s way of dealing with his tragedy in light of Joker dealing with his and presenting an argument of Batman is really right at all without having Batman kill villains in his movies for once.
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