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    Static Shock - I would say Dope meets the Raimi era Spider-Man with a splash of Atlanta from FX.

    Black Lightning & the Outsiders - I would take ques from the latest iteration of the Batman and the Outsiders book and have Jeff lead the team. however, I would subtract Batman from the equation and use elements from the Black Lightning TV show to make Black Lightning the central focus (especially the Freeland setting) and have him build the team; then have Batman come in at the end to help set up a possible sequel where they face off with Markovia.

    Martian Manhunter - I want a focus on him as a sorta cosmic detective/p.i. with some Lovecraftian cosmic horror elements.

    Blood Syndicate - Milestone properties would be a perfect i.p farm for movies if they were still around. my take on the Blood Syndicate would be like Luke Cage meets Atlanta meets the Warriors (1979) with some Fruitvale Station or Snowfall elements for good measure. I'd focus on Wise-son as our central character and Holocaust as his primary villain .

    I'm using a loose interpretation of "stand alone" in the sense they'll stand alone from the extended DCEU (with the exception of BL & the Outsiders at the end)
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    Somehow this is actually hard
    People maybe expect I'll post Nightwing but actually... no... I think he fits team movie better

    I guess Zatanna

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    Jimmy Olsen as an Action/Comedy.

    Captain Comet, starting as a Brightburn-esque mystery with the character becoming a hero at the end.

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    1. Jay Garrick

    2. Wally West

    Better yet, make a movie with both of them in it.

    3. The Atom - Ray Palmer
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    I thought of a romantic comedy between Bumblebee and Mal Duncan either as Guardian or Herald.

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    I pick Vixen (Marilyn "Mari" Jiwe McCabe) for a standalone movie. She's awesome.

    Blue Marvel - Man of Marvels
    Storm - Goddess of the Elements
    Black Panther - King of Wakanda/King of the Dead
    Vixen - Queen of the Red

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    Green Arrow, Deathstroke, Sandman.

    Vixen and Zatanna I'd love to see but they would do well on team movies so I wouldn't restrict them. (Not that some of the former don't also, but they could have a more memorable standalone.)

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    Um...The Flash. He hasn't had a movie yet, and I'm not even sure if his is still planned. I honestly don't keep up that diligently with what WB is planning for DC films, and it seems to change all the time. I think it would be good to get one of DC's biggest IP's in its own stand alone film. Though, I don't think I would use the guy or the suit that was in the Justice League movie.

    Besides that, I'd love to see Amethyst, though I would prefer a good animated series.

    As for other could see Uncle Sam being pretty amusing. I don't think DC does enough with that character.

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    Yeah, the Flash's movie is long overdue and wish he had one earlier if WB had enough guts to make one as I think it would've been the perfect replacement for the Spider-Franchise after the horrid part 3. Also...


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    The Warlord
    The Wonder Twins

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    Adam Strange- I feel like it would make for a really fun sci-fi adventure movie, besides who doesn't love Jetpacks.
    Superboy- You could get a lot of mileage about a movie of someone learning they are the clone of one of the world's greatest heroes and trying to live up to that. Plus his increase in popularity as of late in animated tv and movies and the second season of Titans, I could see it actually happening.
    Dr. Fate- I'm actually going with Khalid Nassour on this one. The story is pretty good with a young man learning that he's related to a golden age superhero and eventually takes up his mantle to fight off evil magic beings. Plus, we might be able to get the JSA in there by showing off the previous Doctor Fate as a member.
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    Hawkman, Carter Hall to be more precise. Make it something based on Indiana Jones, with a director good in action scenes, someone capable of make good use of Hawkman, even who isn't a fan of the character must admit that he have one of the most badass looks on comics.

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    Lobo would be kind of a space version of Deadpool. With more explosions. And rock music.

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    "Dangerous Zombie! Transform!! Click And Load! Buggle UP! Danger! Danger! Death The Crisis! Dangerous Zombie!" Kamen Rider Gemn
    (In first he's mysterious and evil and now he's psycho and crazy and insane and evil AND "The Meme Lord"LOL.)

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    Brother Power, the Geek. No joke. I have a pitch.

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