Hi folks I'm a Hellboy fan and of that world setting, well as an Asperger person. one of the Hellboy stories which inspired this idea was Buster Oakley and X-Files of course.

My idea for a Sci-Fi setting with some horror touches is John Doe Setting, it's Aliens and Super Science instead of Supernatural and Parnormal.

John Doe is the main character he is a Grey-Human Hybrid, he is from Roswell Crash in 1947, dead unknown bodies are called if male John Doe if female Jane Doe.

His personality: John Doe Personality is that of one who still has the 1950's American optimism but by now he as realized that people in Goverment or Corperations don't have are best interests at heart. He also has Faith in Humanity. John hates lying and disinformation. He Drinks Cocktails like the culture of 1950's and early 1960's, and John like his music from l1947 to early 1960's

John Doe's Looks:

John Doe is a Human Size Grey unlike Hellboy he can't be out among the general populance of America, He stand's about 6ft and some inches unlike Hellboy he isn't husky muscle wise he has a normal to thin muscle mass. John Doe dresses in 1950's American Male Consertive clothing Dark Three Peace Suits, Fedora hat with a Shoulder holster under each arm.

John Doe Powers and Personal Firearms:

John Doe like all Greys has Mental Powers but not as strong as full blooded Grey, He can Read Minds, Talk via Mind and move stuff with his mind. His Firearms are these one Hand Cannon and One Raygun.

Yes I realize I'm making the Men in Black and there based at Area 51,