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    Default New to comic book reading

    Hello guys I hope you all are doing well guys I am new to comic books I've never read a single comic book in my life so guys please tell where should I start my comic book reading journey please could suggest me some very good popular comic books to read thanks.

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    Saboor, you are going to know your tastes more than any stranger.
    Could you mention the type of genre's you are interested in?

    You might like gritty vigilantes, sci-fi sagas or indie comedies. And the size of the comic matters. Do you want to treat yourself to a nice hardcover collection or something that's good value to just try it out. Or maybe you think digital is a better fit for you.

    Decisions like those matter for a recommendation. But you are in good hands. I got my early recommendations from these lot and they are very knowledgeable.
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    If you are interested in Marvel comics and don't mind reading digital, I would suggest trying out Marvel unlimited. I believe the first month is free and it's only $9.99 a month so the value there is second to none. They have a massive selection of comics to choose from, it's over 20,000 comics to choose from, though they do run 6 months behind so you will always be behind on the current comics. The worst thing about it is that, as the name implies, it's only Marvel comics so if you want to read something from DC, Image or any other publisher, you will have to find another way.

    Even if digital is not your preferred reading method and you want to collect physical comic books, you could always sign up for the free month and read a sampling of different thing and get a feel for what you might like.

    I am sure you will get more specific advice once you give people an idea of what you might like, but this could be a way for you to discover things you like without much risk of buying things you don't care for.

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    One big suggestion would be to avoid some of the so called classic stories if you're interested in Big 2 (Marvel, DC) comics - Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, The Night Gwen Stacy Died - and classic event comics - Civil War, Secret Wars, any DC Crisis - at the beginning. They're often very good or interesting stories, but if you're just starting out, the context is missing. You'll have plenty of time to get to them. If you like Marvel characters, I echo the comment to sign up for Marvel Unlimited to get a sampling of different comics. We can help guide you to good points of entry on there, but it'll be the most economical way for you to figure out what you might like.

    Edit to add: Feel free to be as specific as you want. There are so many comics out there, it's hard not to find something that'll be in the ballpark.
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    I would also recommend you tell us what type of movies and books you like so we can be more specific and more helpful.
    Lots of times when people come from, for example: the Marvel movies trying to find the same experience in the books they are disappointed and especially if you never read a single comic book in your life I think it's important to start out the right way.
    I have a friend who tried to read Preacher but turns out hi was super religious so...not the best recommendation But then he read the Unfabulous 5 which is a silly luchador themed series and he loved it.
    Go figure.

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    You'll get lots of recommendations if you give us parameters.

    For a free tasting(with surprising selection), go to your local library. At least in the US, most local libraries have 100+graphic novel choices, so you can try recent X-Men, Batman, Star Wars runs that will give you a full story. For a newbie, I wouldn't recommend floppies(unless you get a run of them with a full story). Floppies are the monthly comics. Most comics now take 3-6 issues to tell a story(hence the popularity of collected editions, which are the ones available in your library).

    Hope you find something you enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saboor19 View Post
    Hello guys I hope you all are doing well guys I am new to comic books I've never read a single comic book in my life so guys please tell where should I start my comic book reading journey please could suggest me some very good popular comic books to read thanks.
    Looking for essential reads, here is what you can pick-up without any disapointment:

    One shots, mini-series and graphic novels
    • 100% (Paul Pote) - Vertigo
    • 300 (F. Miller) - Dark Horse
    • A history of violence (J. Wagner, V. Locke) - Vertigo
    • Asterios Polyp (D. Mazzucchelli) - Pantheon Books
    • Black Hole (C. Burns) - Pantheon Books
    • Blankets (C. Thompson) - Top Shelf
    • Box Office Poison (A. robinson) - Top Shelf
    • David boring (D. Clowes) - Pantheon Books
    • Daytripper (F. Moon + G. Bá) - Vertigo
    • Essex County (J. Lemire) - Top Shelf
    • From Hell (A. Moore, E. Campbell) - Top Shelf
    • Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic (A. Bechdel) - Houghton Mifflin
    • Footnotes in Gaza (J. Sacco) - Metropolitan Books
    • Ghost World (D. Clowes) - Fantagraphics
    • Habibi (C. Thompson) - Pantheon Books
    • Hard boiled (F. Miller) - Dark Horse Comics
    • Hicksville (D. Horrocks) - Drawn & Quarterly or Black Eye
    • Homeland Directive (R. Venditti / M. Huddleston) - Top Shelf
    • Human Target: Change Meetings (P. Milligan, various) - Vertigo
    • I Kill Giants (J. Kelly) - Image
    • Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth (C. Ware) - Pantheon Books
    • Joe the Barbarian (G. Morrison, S.G. Murphy) - Vertigo
    • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen I & II (A. Moore, K. O'Neill) - Vertigo
    • The Complete Maus (A. Spiegelman) - Penguin Group
    • Men of Wrath (J. Aaron, R. Garney) - Icon Comics
    • My Friend Dahmer (Derf) - Abrams ComicArts
    • Palestine (J. Sacco) - Fantagraphics
    • Pride of Baghdad (B.K Vaughan, N. Henrichon) - Vertigo
    • Punk Rock Jesus (S.G. Murphy) - Vertigo
    • Ronin (F. Miller) - DC Comics
    • Set to Sea (D. Weing) - Fantagraphics
    • Too Cool to be Forgotten (A. Robinson) - Top Shelf
    • Trillium (J. Lemire) - Vertigo
    • V for Vendetta (A. Moore, D. Llyod) - Vertigo
    • The Wake (S. Snyder, S.G. Murphy) - Vertigo
    • We3 (G. Morrison, F. Quitely) - Vertigo
    • Xenozoic (Schultz) - Flesk Publications
    • X'ed Out (C. Burns) - Pantheon Books

    • Complete Calvin and Hobbes (B. Watterson) - Andrews McMeel Publishing
    • The Complete Cul de Sac (R. Thompson) - 2 vol - Andrews McMeel Publishing
    • The Epic Chronicles: Hagar the Horrible (Dik Brown) - 8 vol - Titan Book
    • Library of American Comics (LOAC) Essentials - IDW Publishing
    • Flash Gordon (D. Moore / A. Raymond) - 7 vol - Checker Book Publishing Group
    • Pogo (W. Kelly) - 7 vol - Fantagraphics
    • The Complete Peanuts (C. Schulz) - 26 vol - Fantagraphics
    • The Complete Terry and the Pirates (M. Milton) - 6 vol - IDW Publishing

    • Black Science (R. Remender, M. Scalera) - 25 vol - Image
    • Echo (T. Moore) - 6 vol - Abstract Studio
    • Fear Agent (R. Remender, T. Moore + L. Loughridge + M. Hawthorne + J. Opeña + K. Dwyer) - 7 vol - Dark Horse Comics
    • Lazarus (G. Rucka, M. Lark) - 4 or 6 vol - Image
    • Saga (B.K Vaughan, F. Staples) - 7 vol - Image
    • Sweet Tooth (J. Lemire) - 3 or 6 vol - Vertigo
    • Y: The Last Man (B.K Vaughan, P. Guerra + G. Sudzuka) - 10 or 5 vol - Vertigo
    • Fantasy / Fairy Tales / Magic / Ghosts / Zombies / Vampires / Legends
    • American Vampire (S. Snyder, R. Albuquerque) - 5 vol - Vertigo
    • B.P.R.D (M. Mignola + J. Arcudi, G. Davis) - Dark Horse Comics
    • Courtney Crumin (T. Naifeh) - 7 volu - Oni Press
    • East of West (J. Hickman / N. Dragota) - 8 vol - Image
    • Fables (B. Willingham, M. Buckingham) - 22 or 13 vol - Vertigo
    • Ghosted (J. Williamson, D. Gianfelice + G. Sudzuka) - 4 vol - Skybound
    • Harrow County (C. Bunn, T. Crook) - 4 vol - Dark Horse Comics
    • Hellblazer (J. Delano / various) - 15 vol - Vertigo
    • Locke & key (J. Hill, G. Rodriguez) - 9 vol - IDW Publishing
    • Welcome to Lovecraft
    • Head Games
    • Crown of Shadows
    • Keys to the Kingdom
    • Clockworks
    • Alpha & Omega
    • Small World
    • Heaven and Earth
    • Dog Days - upcoming
    • Lucifer (M. Carey, C. Weston) - 11 or 5 vol
    • Mouse Guard (D. Petersen) - Archaia
    • Preacher (G. Ennis, S. Dillon) - 10 or 6 vol - Vertigo
    • Rachel Rising (T. Moore) - 7 vol - Abstract Studio
    • Sandman (N. Gaiman, various) - 10 or 5 vol - Vertigo
    • Scott Pilgrim (B L. O'Malley) - 6 vol - Oni Press
    • The Sixth Gun (C. Bunn, B. Hurtt) - 9 vol - Oni Press
    • Walking Dead (R. Kirkman / T. Moore, C. Adlard, S. Gaudiano) - 25 or 13 vol - Skybound

    War / Historical
    • Age of Bronze (E. Shanower) - 4 vol - Image
    • Charley's War (P. Mills / J. Colquhoun) - 10 vol - Titan Books
    • DMZ (B. Wood) - 12 vol - Veritgo
    • Frontline Combat (Various) - 10 vol - Gemstone
    • Northlanders (B. Wood, various) - 7 vol - Vertigo

    Comedy / Kids
    • Bone (J. Smith) - 1 omni - Cartoon Books
    • The Floyd Gottfredson Library (Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse) - 14 vol - Fantagraphics
    • The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library - 17 vol - Fantagraphics
    • Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: The Don Rosa Library - 10 vol - Fantagraphics
    • Winsor McCay: The Complete Little Nemo - TASCHEN
    • Li'l Gotham - 2 vol - DC Comics

    Crime / Thriller
    • 100 Bullets (B. Azzarello, E. Risso) - 13 or 5 vol - Vertigo
    • Chew (J. Layman, R. Guillory) - 12 vol - Image
    • Criminal (E. Brubaker, S. Phillips) - 7 vol - Icone / Image
    • Gotham Central (E. Brubaker, G. Rucka / various) - 5 or 4 vol - DC Comics
    • The Losers (A. Diggle / Jock) - 5 or 2 vol - Vertigo
    • Richard Stark's Parker (D. Cooke) - 4 vol - IDW Publishing
    • Scalped (J. Aaron, R.M. Guéra + D. Furno) - 10 vol - Vertigo
    • Sin City (F. Miller) - 7 vol - Dark Horse Comics

    • Transmetropolitan (W. Ellis, D. Robertson) - 10 vol - Vertigo
    • Love and rockets (J. Hernandez) - 7 vol - Fantagraphics
    • Southern Bastards (J. Aaron, J. LaTour) - 4 vol - Image
    • Hip-hop Family Tree (E. Piskor) - 4 vol - Fantagraphics

    Super-heros: One-shots, Mini-series and Graphic Novels
    • Batman: Year One (F. Miller)
    • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (F. Miller)
    • Batman: The Long Halloween + Batman: Dark Victory (J. Loeb & T. Sale)
    • Batman: The Killing Joke (A. Moore)
    • Arkham Asylum: A Serious Hous on a Serious Earth (G. Morrison)
    • Captain America: Man Out of Time (M. Waid)
    • Civil War (M. Millar)
    • C.OW.L.
    • The Flash: Born to Run (M. Waid)
    • The Flash: Blood Will Run (Geoff Johns)
    • Flex Mentallo (G. Morrison)
    • Kick-Ass
    • Wanted
    • The Secret Service (aka Kingsman)
    • Rocketeer (Dave Stevens)
    • All-Star Superman (G. Morrison)
    • Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (A. Moore)
    • Man of Steel (J. Byrne) / Birthright (M. Waid)
    • Superman: Secret Identity (K. Busiek)
    • Watchmen (A. Moore)
    • Spider-man: Death of the Stacies
    • Spider-man: Kraven's Last Hunt
    • Spider-man: Birth of Venom
    • Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (F. Miller) - origin story
    • Daredevil: Born Again (F. Miller)
    • Lobo: Portrait of a Bastich
    • DC: New Frontier (Darwyn Cooke)
    • Kingdom Come (Mark Waid)

    Super-heros: Series
    • Stormwatch / The Authority - Wildstorm
    • Top 10 - Alan Moore
    • Hellboy / Hellboy short stories - Mike Mignolia
    • Fourth World - Jack Kirby
    • Miracleman - L. Miller & Son, Ltd / Marvel
    • Planetary - Warren Ellis
    • Rising Stars - J. Michael Straczynski
    • Ex Machina - Brian K. Vaughan
    • The Boys - Garth Ennis
    • The Eternals - Jack Kirby
    • Battling Boy - Paul Pope
    • Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles - Eastman and Laird - Mirage Comics / IDW
    • Spawn - Todd McFarlane / Image Comics

    Super-heros: Runs
    • Green Lanterns by Geoff Johns
    • Daredevil by Frank Miller and Klause Janson
    • Daredevil by Bendis and Maleev
    • Daredevil by Brubaker and Lark
    • X-Men by Chris Claremont
    • Thor by Simonson
    • Knightfall Omnibus - 3 vol
    • No Man's Land Omnibus - 4 vol
    • New Gotham - 2 vol
    • Bruce Wayne Murderer ? / Burce Wayne Fugitive - 2 vol
    • Batman by Grant Morrison - 2 vol
    • Swamp Thing by Alan Moore (aka Saga of Swamp Thing) - 6 vol
    • Captain America by Ed Brubaker - Captain America vol.5

    European Comics (aka BD)
    • The Adventures of Tintin (Herge) - 24 vol - Little, Brown & Co.
    • Franquin's Last Laugh (A. Franquin) - 1 vol - PAGE EMPTY ON COMIC VINE
    • Asterix (Uderzo + Goscini) - 11 or 33 vol - Sterling Children's Books or Orion Books
    • Lucky Luke (Morris, Various) - 62 vol - Cinebook
    • Corto Maltese (H. Pratt) - 8 vol - NBM
    • Snowpiercer (Lob / C-J. Legrand / O. Bocquet) - 3 vol - Titan Books
    • XIII (J. Van Hamme / V. Sente) - 21 vol - Cinebook
    • Blacksad (J D Canales) - 5 vol - Dark Horse Comics (1-3 only into one HC)
    • Blueberry (Moebius) - Epic Comics
    • The Incal (Moebius, Jodorowsky) - 1 vol - SelfMadeHero
    • Blake & Mortimer (Edgard P. Jacobs then Various) - 24 vol - Cinebook
    • The Nikopol Trilogy (E. Bilal) - 1 omni - Titan Comics

    Asian Comics (aka Manga)
    • Akira (K. Otomo) - 6 vol - Dark Horse Comics
    • Death Note (T. Ohba) - 6 vol - Viz
    • Ghost in the Shell (M. Shirow) - 1 vol - Dark Horse Comics

    Anything you think is missing, please tell me what and why in the below thread.

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    1) Think of something you like, character or characters you'd like to invest to. Could be as easy as liking watching the cartoon show of said character, as my childhood was Saturday Mornings watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man, X-Men, the Marvel Action Hour, Iron Man and Fantastic Four, Batman, Superman, Tick, even at various points, Captain Planet and the Planeteers , Biker Mice From Mars even Muppet Babies had their own comics that coincided with their cartoon. Love Star Wars? Star Wars always has their own comics. Even Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Uncle Scrooge McDuck for decades and today has their own comics.

    I'd genuinely love to think the watchers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due to its universally high acclaim of fans, all also became comic book readers from them, but alas, they just only watch the movies, and none of the source material. But hey, Avengers came out of comics!

    2) Go to either A) Comic Book Store, B) Book Store Magazine newsstand, C) Used Book Store, D) Antique Mall, and if DC characters, while they still last, E) Wal Mart.

    3) Pick up a comic. Any issue, a start is a start. Start from there. My first comic I've read when I've started broken myself into comics at earnest, Spectacular Spider-Man #225.
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