The ROTJ and special edition prequels introduced Coruscant-formerly mentioned in the novels-to the films (Although it was based on abandoned ROTJ concepts). Solo mentioned Dathomir, a planet introduced in The Courtship of Princess Leia but later used as a backdrop for Clone Wars and the home planet of both Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress.

Now, it looks like perhaps, Bakura might be seen in "Rise of Skywalker", according to some Galaxy's edge dialogue, although I suppose it's possible this is intended for a new ride. Although we've seen a few Rise of Skywalker planets named, Bakura isn't included but neither is Endor, which seems to have a pretty good chance of appearing in the film due to the Death Star wreckage (and it's possibly where Rey is doing her training).

Bakura appeared in the novel Truce At Bakura, where almost immeadiatly after Endor, the Rebels-in part due to Obi-Wan giving Luke another warning-travel to the planet Bakura, an Imperial world under attack by raptor-like aliens who drain life force to power their battle droids (Kind of like a weird version of Dark crystal), and have to cooperate with the Imperials to fight off the aliens. The "attack by non-Imperial" aliens trope would of course later show up in the Black fleet crisis and New Jedi Order storylines; and Bakura would also play a role in the Corellian trilogy, as well as later novels of the NJO. Bakura was also a popular destination in a few of the video games.

Canonwise, it was brought up in a Revenge of the Sith draft but omitted from the final film; and the Rebel carrier featured in the novel was later "canonized" in Rebels.